crown chakra candle
crown chakra candle
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crown chakra candle

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Your Crown Chakra, or "Spiritual Center", is located about 2" above the top of your head. This is where you open up spiritually and connect with your soul or Higher Self, the Divine (i.e. God, Goddess, The Universe, All That Is or whatever name you prefer). It's where you receive Divine Messages that help you follow your path and grow spiritually.

To fully open your Crown Chakra, envision a spinning disc of purple light above your head. Imagine it opening up like French doors to the Heaves above. Allow the Divine white light to pour down through your Crown Chakra, filling your entire body with this white light. Practice opening your Crown Chakra during meditation or even yoga. Allow the soothing, traditional spiritual scents of Frankincense and Olibanum to open and expand your mind to all possibilities.

Ideal for use in meditation, chakra balance, and relaxation.  Perfect for your sacred space and to revitalize and energize your home. All candles are smudged, Blessed, and set under moonlight to cleanse and balance the natural healing properties of the stones and metals.  Before shipping, I infuse each item with healing energy, with your highest intention in mind

Some mantras you can use when opening your Crown Chakra:

* I am one with the Universe
* I am a divine conscious being
* I am a lightworker on a mission to spread love and light
* I am my soul, living in this body

Crown Chakra Candle
Color: Purple
Scent: Frankincense & Olibanum 

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