Pumpkin Seed Oil

This is our antioxidant powerhouse rich in vitamin E, zinc, omega 3 + 6- fatty acids that helps to strengthen skin cells, which in turn, can help regenerate skin tissues. Remember it's good to massage your boobs in general to help drain the stagnant lymph fluid and bring in fresh blood supply. 

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  • Review

    Hello! I ordered your pumpkin seed oil a ways back and just wanted to let you know that it’s been super beneficial to me thus far! I didn’t think it was doing anything for like the first few days I used it and then the next time I went to use it, there was just a VISIBLE difference, like no joke
    I absolutely love the oil and all the crystals I’ve bought from you. The energy you give is super refreshing
    Thank you so much for all you’ve created, definitely gonna keep buying when I get a chance!

    - Italia

  • Review

    I DONT KNOW WHERE TO START omg your crystals are AMAZING and truly like no other seriously the energy you put into them is extremely powerful I am SHOOK! These are the first set of crystals I’ve gotten that have actually transformed my life. I have had crystals from other places but they didn’t really have any energy in them but YOURS...oh my god I meditated with them and my heart chakra BUSTED open. I have over 50+ crystals and I have to say that yours are my favorite BY FAR WHEW

    - Priya B.

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