palo santo spray
palo santo spray
palo santo spray
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palo santo spray

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-Due to a case of mistaken identity, there’s been much misinformation spread about palo santo (aka bursera graveolens) being over-harvested + endangered but it’s fake news, It’s imperative that we are respectful of other countries, cultures + ecologies in regard to which plants we use in our practices BUT spreading this false info is dangerous, as it can have grave effects on the economies who depend on palo santo as one of their greatest exports. - @brujaizm 

Palo Santo means Holy Wood in Spanish. It cleans the air both physically and spiritually. Cultures throughout South America have used it in spiritual practices for centuries. Traditionally, it is harvested from deadwood that has fallen naturally from the tree. Aging of the wood, improves the scent.

Interestingly, Palo Santo is from the same family of trees as frankincense and myrrh, resins that cultures on the other side of the world also use for spiritual practices.

This spray can be used directly on skin, face or hair as a freshener. It can be used as a room spray as a light air cleanser, it can be sprayed before meditation or yoga in the air or on the yoga mat.

The scent of Palo Santo is said to help heal the body and mind of distress. This spray should be used with an awareness of its spiritual and cultural history as well as recognition that supply of this sacred wood will continue to require careful monitoring and husbandry to ensure the continuing survival of the tree.

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