Palo Santo (Holy Wood)
Palo Santo (Holy Wood)
Palo Santo (Holy Wood)
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Palo Santo (Holy Wood)

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-Due to a case of mistaken identity, there’s been much misinformation spread about palo santo (aka bursera graveolens) being over-harvested + endangered but it’s fake news, It’s imperative that we are respectful of other countries, cultures + ecologies in regard to which plants we use in our practices BUT spreading this false info is dangerous, as it can have grave effects on the economies who depend on palo santo as one of their greatest exports. - @brujaizm 
PALO SANTO HOLY WOOD (Bursera Graveolens) best quality incense stick is a natural organic incense with neither chemicals or oils added, this wood is taken from Naturally Fallen sacred trees found in the tropical dry forests floors of Ecuador. palo santo sticks and the rising smoke will enter the "energy field" of ritual participants to "clear misfortune, negative energy and 'evil spirits'" & replace it with positive energy! It's purpose is to purify and cleanse, to get rid of evil spirits and influences and it's smoke is believed by many to have healing and therapeutic powers. Each stick is about 4 inches long and half an inch wide (varies as this is a natural product!). Drives away mosquitoes and insects. Disinfects air. Used for relaxing the mind, body, & soul. 

1. First open most of the doors and windows in your house if you are doing a cleansing. If you are burning for pleasure, you may avoid step.

2. Light the Palo Santo Incense, and let the open flame burn for about 30 seconds before you blow it out so it properly catches.

3. Set your intention for each room. Say a short prayer of cleansing such as, “I cleanse this room of any impurities, negativity, or anything that does not support the people that live here.”

4. Slowly walk around each room with the Palo Santo (Be aware that Palo Santo does not burn as easy as sage and might have to be lit several times) Allow the smoke to drift into corners, along walls, around windows, and along ceiling lines. As you do, visualize the smoke absorbing negativity and problems from those who were in the space before you.Watch the smoke float out the windows, and imagine that negative energy flowing out of your space, making room for positive, fresh energy. 
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