Moroccan cobaltoan calcite (small)
Moroccan cobaltoan calcite (small)
Moroccan cobaltoan calcite (small)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Moroccan cobaltoan calcite (small)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Moroccan cobaltoan calcite (small)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Moroccan cobaltoan calcite (small)

Moroccan cobaltoan calcite (small)

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These raw cobaltoan calcite specimen are natural and untreated. colbaltoan calcite is a strong healing crystal used to reduce stress. They can be placed in your living room to create calming environment.

Cobaltoan Calcite is a gemstone that promotes love, grace and forgiveness. You can feel the power of the gemstone encourage you to connect and work with the energy of Universal Love. This supports creating solid foundations for lasting and fulfilling personal relationships based in love. It is a gemstone that strengthens your emotions and helps you to relate to others on a wiser level of adult wisdom. In working with this gemstone you will find true balance and comfort where your senses and emotions are concerned. You are not as apt to act rashly or purely out of adolescent emotional responses. You are more likely to address issues with a thoughtful consideration and patience. This gemstone provides a bond and cohesive balance between emotion and intellect.

Cobaltoan Calcite is a feminine, receiving energy connected to both the heart and crown chakras. It is especially helpful in the matters of love. It's unification, balance, and divine unveiling properties allows its users to step into their own self worth and emotional healing to attract healthy partners and relationships, while also deeply loving oneself.

It relates to issues of intimacy and brings past hurts, grief and betrayal into perspective, allowing the user to move on from past hurts, see their true value, and walk into relationships feeling worthy and lovable. This energy of confidence is a major attractor to potential lovers, dates and current partners, allowing both parties to benefit from new found attraction and excitement.

Because it resonates with both crown and heart, cobalto calcite is a fantastic tool for receiving emotional healing on a profound level. It's balancing properties make it a one size fits all energy as it naturally syncs with what the user needs most and delivers it in the most appropriate and personalized way possible. A fantastic partner for those who want to naturally boost their self-love, tolerance and acceptance wherever they are on their spiritual journey.

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